We respect the enormity of your decision to invest in New Zealand.

If you are considering residential land development or land development holdings, our experienced investment advisers will guide you at every turn. 

We have been helping investors achieve their goals since 1986 and understand the importance of a stress-free, prudent and structured approach to ensure success. 

Working with a trusted, proven partner is critical, as is a reliable, long-term relationship. Which is why at Viranda Partners we get to the heart of your project vision and financial expectations. We match that understanding with more than 31 years of experience, providing you with honest, timely advice around market dynamics, risks, and opportunities that could influence your investment decisions. 

Our approach to service is that it must be full and complete. From considering an investment, managing the acquisition, through to selecting stable tenants and property management – we believe your journey deserves our entire professional support, accurate reporting and ongoing protection. 

When you succeed – we do too.